About Danya

Boudoir is something that means so much to me. Getting to capture individuals and allow them to realize or remember just how freaking amazing they are, brings me the most insane amount of joy.  I'll never forget how I felt after my last boudoir session- I drove straight from my session to a Bass Pro Shop where my boyfriend had been killing time. I walked through those doors in ratty old sweats and a loose button down flannel (loose clothing = no marks on your body for your shoot!), full hair and makeup done, and legitimately felt like I was walking down a runway. I almost wanted to stop and ask people if they needed my autograph! Feeling like I was on top of the world, like none of my old body insecurities mattered anymore, and like I was absolutely gorgeous is something I will never forget and something I carry with me to this day. I cannot wait to hear about your transformation after your session and see how much that confidence permeates in to the rest of your life!

I'm Danya, your ultimate hype girl!

Hey Gorgeous!

I feel like as women, there are so few times when you get to be sexy for yourself. Oftentimes you are sexy for a partner, or even sexy to find someone when you're out on the town. But there are so few opportunities to be sexy for yourself, in the moment, without judgement from anyone! Boudoir is the perfect opportunity to be sexy for yourself! There is no one there to judge you, you get to be in your skin, appreciate your body for all that it is, put on some sexy lingerie or hang out in just the sheets, be showered in compliments AND we get to take pictures of the entire thing that you can always look back on when you need to be reminded of how amazing you are! There is really nothing else that compares!

Why is Boudoir so important?

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A picture from my own boudoir shoot!

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