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where are you located?

My private studio is located in Agoura Hills, California!

I'm not sure if my body is fit enough for boudoir

EVERY body is fit enough for boudoir! Let's celebrate you exactly as you are in all your glory! No need to diet, do extra workouts, and especially no skipping meals! You're already perfect- we just need to document it!

I noticed your studio has a lot of windows, can people see in?

My studio has privacy film on all the windows so no one can see in! There are also sheer curtains covering the windows, and the door is always locked during sessions so you can feel safe and at ease!

Do my photos have to be shared?

Absolutely not! The only images I share are from clients that give me permission! In your contract you'll be able to indicate what you're comfortable sharing! I never pressure my clients to share more than what they're comfortable with!

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